When I was a little girl my family bought a piano and I learned to play it on my own. I remember an old song book which had a tune about a woodpecker I hadn't heard before. I could read the lyrics but not the music. So I composed the song to my liking. I can still remember how it went.

Now I have grown up and I still sometimes catch myself jumping excitedly on the fuzzy rug in my living room. It's an incredible feeling when the songs sound like me and express who I am. My lyrics are about a life of a woman, certainly most often about love or something like it. The new record is a collection of my best songs over the years. Some of them old, some relatively new.

I'm a little nervous about giving away a part of myself to you. But I want to. In order to receive love you have to give it. To make room for something new you have to give something up. That's how it also is with music.

Anna-Kaarina / singer-songwriter